About us

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Our Mission

We love nature. That’s why this website is dedicated to the protection of animals and the preservation of nature. Through photographs and outreach we’re trying to do our part to preserve nature for future generations.

We’re not a big corporation with unlimited funds but we can at least do our part to think globally while acting locally.
That’s why we’re proud to contribute what we can to the following organizations…









If you’d like to help us save the environment and the animals that live among us, you can donate to the cause by purchasing one of our NFTs on Opensea marketplace where every sale goes directly to help fund animal rescue and wildlife preservation.



Our Founders

nature-photographerRoann – Nature lover and resident photographer





Steven – Old tree hugger and operations manager





Jacob – Nature guardian and technical advisor





Birdie – Conservationist and outreach coordinator





Bear – Lovable pooch and expert hole digger





Bella – Rescue dog and professional lap warmer





Mica and Shilo – Resident giraffe deterrents – Thanks to these two we haven’t had a single giraffe in our home in over 13 years